General terms of sale

1. These general terms of sale are an integral part of the closed sale and the purchaser is familiar with these terms and has explicitly approved them.

2. The ordered goods are transported at the expense of the seller, but at the risk of the purchaser. Any weight loss, damage or other destruction during the transport is at the expense of the purchaser.

3. The client is obliged to thoroughly inspect the products, immediately after the delivery, on weight, quality and / or defects and to immediately inform Jermayo in writing in case of divergent findings thereof. A complaint regarding the quantity of supplied goods must be noted on the dispatch or delivery note during delivery . If the client doesn’t notify Jermayo, within 48 hours after delivery of the products, of insufficient quality and / or defects, which could be noticed after thorough research, than the client is considered to agree with the conditions in which the product is delivered and thereby he loses the right on any claim. At the request of Jermayo verbal complaints should be specified in writing by the client within a period of 24 hours after the oral complaint. Jermayo must be enabled to monitor complaints, complaints that are not demonstrable will not be accepted . If the complaint is correct in the judgment of Jermayo, Jermayo will pay a reasonable compensation not exceeding the net invoice value of the delivered products.

4. The client is aware that no metal detection is carried out on large consumption packaging that isn’t meant for direct sale to the consumer.

5. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, invoices are payable in cash and at the domicile of the seller.

6. Any delay in payment shall require by right and without proof of default the immediate payment of a default interest of 18 % per annum. In the event of default on payment or late payment, a lump-sum compensation of 20% of the unpaid invoice, subject to a minimum amount of 40 €, shall be payable by right and without proof of default in order to compensate for additional administrative costs and other costs arising as a consequence of the default on payment.

7. The seller reserves the right to invoice for goods as they are delivered. If a partial delivery is not paid for by the due date, the seller shall be entitled to suspend any remaining deliveries.

8. Any delivered goods shall remain the property of the seller and may be recovered by the latter if the invoice has not been fully paid.

9. In the event of disputes, only the district courts, in which the seller is domiciled, shall be competent.