Luxury vol-au-vent

What you need
  • Calf sweetbread
  • Vol-au-vent sauce
  • Mousseline sauce
  • Parsley

Leave the calf sweetbreads to rest for 12 hours in salted water. Refresh the water after 6 hours. Poach the sweetbreads in the salted water for 10 minutes before cooling them in cold tap water. Clean the calf sweetbreads. In order to do this, cut all films and pieces of fat from the sweetbreads. Place the sweetbreads between two layers of baking paper. Keep everything sealed using a weight and leave to rest in the refrigerator overnight. Add the calf sweetbreads to the vol-au-vent (which can be soft or crispy) and serve on a plate with a spoonful of mousseline sauce and some parsley.