Breydel bacon bread

What you need
  • Breydel bacon
  • Vinaigrette with honey and mustard
  • Soft goat’s cheese
  • Wheat grain salad, red onion
  • Peach, honey
  • Bread roll

Mix the chive dressing with the goat’s cheese until you obtain a smooth paste. Cut the peach into slices, grill the Breydel Bacon and peach (with the honey). Garnish the bread roll with the Breydel Bacon and peach slices, top with dressing and finish with the wheat grain salad and red onion rings.


Mix the soft goat’s cheese with chive dressing and present it with a slice of grilled Breydel bacon, basted with Barbecue Dip & Glaze sauce. Garnished with courgettes and carrots, it is an ideal combination as a main course!