Solar panels. Total installed power: 432 kW.
Filling trays with salads.
Refrigerated storage area for sauces.
Quality control.
Finished cold sauces and salads ready for loading onto vehicles.
Filling process for steak tartare sauce.
Tasty sandwich


Your 'Chef d’Oeuvre' in the Kitchen!

Jermayo is an ambitious family company, specialising in the development, manufacture and distribution of sauces, salads and ready meals. We guarantee the consistent quality of these products.

The Jermayo range now consists of 600 products sold in a variety of packaging. Deliveries are made only to supermarket chains, food product manufacturers, wholesale butchers, caterers, hotels and sandwich bars in the Benelux countries and France.

Quality assurance

Due to the consistent quality, hygiene standards and guaranteed freshness of its products, Jermayo is still a leading food manufacturer after 65 years. Our manufacturing strategy is fully focused on flexibility and quality, partly because of our ultra-modern machinery, which meets the strictest food safety and environmental requirements.

Jermayo fulfils FSSC 22000 standards (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), by means of an integrated quality system for the food industry, during which every stage of the manufacturing process is monitored, traced and analysed.

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Jérôme Van de Velde set up business as a butcher in the Antwerp region back in 1953 and specialised in calf's heads and black puddings.

Keen to provide his customers with a straightforward, more efficient and profitable service, in 1961 he created a mayonnaise-based sauce for preparing steak tartare. It only remained for the butcher to add the meat to the preparation. Fish, chicken and meat salads soon followed. This was a completely new concept at the time! In this way, he revolutionised the Belgian meat industry in the early 1960s.

After achieving his ambition, in 1989 he relocated to brand new premises in Lier, which doubled in size in 2007, and now cover an area of 10,000 m², including additional storage and manufacturing areas.


Our ambition is to keep well ahead of other manufacturers, which makes innovation an important factor.

Jermayo has its own technical department, in which we manage and maintain our cutting edge machinery. This is also where we develop our own state-of-the-art equipment, which is specially designed for our manufacturing processes and meets all the relevant quality and hygiene standards.